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If you are interested in the following positions, please submit your resume to zkhx@cas-as.cn

Job information
1. Responsible for the sales of our company's aero engine;
2. Seeking new customers and maintaining existing channel customers;
3. Through the understanding of the company's products and customers, we can respond in a timely manner, follow up with various military and research customers, and maintain good communication with customers through various methods and provide active sales suggestions to achieve sales;
4. Have a certain marketing strategy;
1. Bachelor degree or above. male or female. Have a mechanical learning or work background preferred;
2, positive, active, enthusiastic, and strong learning ability;
3, can travel properly;
4, the English level is good, able to skillfully use;
Treatment: five insurance and one gold, double break, salary 4000-6000, performance commission, year-end bonus. The national statutory holiday is normally closed.
Automation control engineer
1. Responsible for the design of the aero engine control system and the design of the construction plan;
2. Responsible for the selection and management of the aero engine automatic control system or other various control systems and related accessories;
3. Responsible for maintenance and overhaul of automatic control system equipment;
4. Responsible for the implementation, expansion and transformation of the system;
5. Train operators to properly maintain and operate the equipment.
Automation Control Engineer Job Requirements
1. Skilled in using Windows, Office, AutoCAD, PLC programming software, human-machine interface software;
2. Good computer application ability, familiar with C language/PLC;
3. Proficiency or proficiency in various PLC programming and PC configuration software, have a deep understanding of automatic control;
4. Hard work and team spirit.
Treatment: five insurance and one gold, two weekends, salary 6000-8000. Year-end bonus.
Number of car operators
1. Understand the machining process and tool characteristics;
2. able to operate ordinary machine tools and CNC machine tools;
3.will basic programming
Treatment: five insurance and one gold, double break, salary 3500-5000
Electrical machining operator
1. Understand the characteristics of wire cutting and sparking operation;
2. Perform programming and operation of five-axis cutting and electric spark;
3. Have a certain foundation for the electrical processing technology;
Treatment: five insurance and one gold, double break, salary 3500-5000
Number milling operator
1. Understand the CNC machining process and tool features;
2. Will operate and program the five-axis machining center;
Treatment: five insurance and one gold, double break, salary 3500-5000