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Laboratory of Light-duty Gas-turbine, the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

As Chinese military equipment has urgent demands for light-duty turbine engine, R&D team from laboratory of Light-duty Gas-turbine took the lead in carrying out the research work of light-duty turbine engine’s major basic theory, key technology and integration of whole machine, the team overcame lots of core and key technology, established the first comprehensive light-duty engine experimental platform integrated basic theory research, principle verify, technology research & development and the whole machine integration, formed the system solution which strongly support our military & civilian light-duty turbine engine great-leap forward development.

The R&D team broke technological difficulties of our country in research light-duty turbojet engine, developed 400kgf, 750kgf, 1000kgf turbofan engine, 60kgf, 75kgf, 80kgf, 95kgf, 140kgf, 190kgf, 265kgf turbojet engine and 350Kw, 600KW turboshaft engine with completely independent intellectual property. Filling the blank of domestic light-duty engine, breaking the technical blockade of developed countries from Europe and America, and providing support for the development of aircraft platforms such as long-time drones, target drones, cruise missiles and small business aircraft.

The team now have 104 members including 12 professors and 28  deputy professors. Some of them was selected into CAS Hundred Talents Project, obtained State-council Special Allowance , National Ten-Thousand Talents Project, National thousand Talents Project . They are Chinese maximal aero-engine research team expect Aero Engine Corporation Of China. Now, 5 persons are serving in the State's Aero-engine & Gas-turbine engine Project and Science & Technology commission of Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Committee, 9 persons are serving in various Academic Society, 10 persons are serving as deputy editors or editorial commission member in academic journals.